Weaponeering Assistant

Weaponeering Assistant is an Excel spreadsheet that helps you design suitable loadouts for your strike missions in DVG's Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations. When you enter the characteristics of your target and desired ordnance, WA will tell you how many weapons are statistically required to destroy the target (or whether the weapon is capable of destroying the target at all), the probabilities of each hit multiple, the "bang per pound" for your selected weapon against this particular target, and the weight points necessary to load those weapons on your aircraft. It also automatically calculates the hit/miss effects for each possible die roll outcome, taking into account all of the necessary modifiers.

Version 0.95 adds an enemy fighter activity page, which helps you estimate how many hostile fighters are likely to make an appearance during the mission based on the theater fighter composition; a loadout page, which helps to distribute the appropriate weapons to the aircraft in your flight and applies pilot skill modifiers to all of your weapon effects calculations; and a flight page, which gives you a summary of your armed aircraft together with firepower distribution figures.

Version 0.96 corrects a bug in the Weapon Effect Profile formula for small, dispersed, vehicular targets.

Download Weaponeering Assistant v0.96.

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